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In the 4K video installation Fragments, razor-sharp, rotating pieces of rock glide through virtual space and seem to sink into an amorphous mirror on the exhibition floor. Paired with moving close-ups of a male body, immersive land- and bodyscapes emerge on the threshold between reality and virtuality, seeming to dissolve in the reflection of themselves. The rocks originate from queer beaches, and by combining them with rotating body fragments Mario Kiesenhofer creates a geology of desire.

By combining mineral materials with fragmented views of the body, queer visual connections and structures emerge, raising questions about the inscription of identity. In addition to the sculptural exploration of concepts such as materiality, virtualization, body perception, and contemporary methods of form-finding, the installation refers to the alienating component of digital and social media and their influence on how virtual content and bodies are received.

4K video installation

65‘‘ screen, amorphous mirror
8‘06‘‘, loop, silent
Approx. 145 × 146 × 83 cm

Exhibition views & video documentation (excerpt): 
Mario Kiesenhofer – Shifting Layers, Bildraum 01, Vienna, 2021


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