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Outdoor marks the beginning of the exploration of sexual topography in public space in Kiesenhofer's oeuvre. In these works, landscape turns into a stage set for the performance of gay cruising, the paths and trails in public parks into a guiding system for desire.


“Imagining a landscape promises endlessness, the possibility of walking outside and revisiting ever-changing sites and events from your past, allowing you to discover new things in new places while delivering an image for the notion of a labyrinth-like search. Landscape as a backdrop for the performance of cruising. The promise of the virtual vis-á-vis the shock of reality. The search for the other within our own reflection. [...] A continuous mutual deformation and blurring of memory and imagination, time and space, the visible and the invisible.”

Mooshammer, Helge: Crusing: Architektur, Psychoanalyse und Queer Cultures, Vienna: Böhlau 2005, p. 94., Translation: Fabian Patzak

Toter Grund, Vienna
The Ramble, New York City
Rosolina Mare, Italy


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