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Kiesenhofer’s exploration of queer spaces and architecture manifests in the highly formal and black-mirror-like photographs of his Indoor series, offering insights into queer underground spaces like gay cruising clubs and saunas, darkrooms and sex clubs around the world. Captured outside the opening hours, the images focus on structural details, questioning hypermasculine atmospheres and emphasizing the sculptural quality and fragility of these safe spaces. Serving as markers of gay architecture, these details highlight the community's struggle to establish and preserve these havens, resisting displacement by illiberal systems, gentrification, and heteronormative pressures. In their darkness, these venues stand as spaces of resistance and homes for queer desire.

All photographs in this series are framed behind grey-tinted glass. This darkening effect creates an intimate atmosphere that is inherent in these spaces. Hardly visible through the reflective glass filter, the dark motifs refer to the disappearance of queer spaces in cityscapes.

Eagle, Vienna
Eagle, New York
L'Impact, Paris
NYC Inferno, New York
Boiler, Berlin
Dark Eagle, Salzburg
The Backstreet, London
Instytut, Warsaw
Magnum, Budapest
Le Full Metal, Paris
The Bunker, London
Dock, Tokyo
Sling, Vienna


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